Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bullfight and 100 Euro Paella

Today was quite the "Spanish Day" as my friend Olivia would put it...considering we are in Spain I'd have to agree! This weekend was amazing.  Thursday night me and some of the girls went to El Kapital for a cocktail party, meaning we got to dress up and what not and get free drinks and orderves! (however you spell that).  We felt really special, especially since you had to be on a list to get in and luckily we know a guy named Fran who is a promotor.  Friday, USAC took us on a day trip to Segovia where we visited a Castle (the Sleeping Beauty castle to be exact) and a famous garden/park.  For lunch we went to a nice restaurant (but I wanted to sit outside) and ate suckling pig, one of the popular Segovian dishes...DELICOUS!  The waiter brings it out, says a few words about the tradition, takes a plate and literally bashes the pig into pieces to serve and then breaks the plate.  I went into my first lambrynth, not as cool as I had hoped but still got lost for a bit.  Took a nap in a dried up fountain, good day.  Everyone was completely passed out on the bus ride home, about an hour from Madrid. 

That night we found a cool jazz club that my friend Greg heard of from a friend.  Unfortunately the live music was already over by the time we got there, so I'll just have to go again! 

Saturday I basically slept all day, it's what you have to do when you get home at 6am.  I went to make dinner at a friend's apartment.  STUFFED MUSHROOMS! (Delaney).  It had been so long since I had cooked anything.  Our Spanish friend Olga brought over a delicious chocolate cake that we ate with ice cream and cookies, I felt like I was going to throw up after because I had eaten so much.  OH!  I also went to see the new Almodover movie "The Skin that I am In", it was crazy cool.  With Antonio Banderes.

Today I went to the El Rastro market again and splurged...which kind of sucked since I ended up spending 20 more euros on dinner.  But whatever, I got good stuff for people back home and ate great paella.  I need to go to my friend Crll's tomorrow to eat the leftovers that he took.  The bill ended up being a total of 130 euros...not what we were expecting!  We went to a bullfight around 8:30pm, which I just got back from.  It wasn't too exciting, although it was amateur night and only 10 euros.  A bunch of people left early because I guess it wasn't one of the best shows, but I had nothing to compare it to so I stayed for the whole thing.  It was sad seeing the bulls tortured, taunted, and killed...especially when the first bull came out it was really a shock to see it infront of me, plus we were front row.  By the end though I was fine, mostly tired and enjoying the crowd and outfits more than anything else.  I knew what I was getting myself into when I bought the tickets.

I ate so much ice cream and sweet goodness this weekend. I got a Segovian cookie!

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