Wednesday, September 7, 2011


It's the end of my third day of school here in Madrid, at the Rey Juan Carlos Universidad.  My classes are good, but I especially love my Spain Seen Through Photography course, la profesora es muy preciosa!  We are actually going to take photos and present them three different times in class!  Portraiture, "trips" as mi profesora puts it, and one from your pure imagination, su creatividad.  My Cinema class is kind of interesting, although the professor is quit dull, he is British.  We watched la pelicula "All Quiet on the Western Front" which was made in the 1930' of the most intense and emotional movies I have seen in a while.  It is because we are familiar with the typical Hollywood movies, with happy endings and where Brad Pitt or whoever gets the girl.  I can't wait to finish it next class!  Although I must admit I dozed  off numerous times simply because the lights were off and I was full of food.  I needed a siesta!  (Siestas are what Spaniards call their naps, which takes place between 2 and 4 typically.  My Spanish Literature class will be kind of difficult simply because it is the first class (besides a language class) in Spanish that I will be taking.  However I decided that it is time to up my Spanish to the next level, I will make many mistakes, but it's all in the process of learning.

Today I drank wine with my lunch.
Sure at Humboldt State back in California you can order a beer at the Debot, but here you get half a bottle of wine (or other beverages), two meals, and un postre (dessert) for 4.90 euros.  Que borato!  I have been getting lunch with fellow USACers, but want to expand my horizon.  Oh, I have this friend Chris who didn't mention me in any of his blog posts, but because he BEGGED me to mention him in my blog, I will.  I met Chris on the plane flight over here, he's from Honolulu!  He doesn't speak a bit of Spanish, but is trying to learn...on occasion. 

Me and a few others have booked a trip to Alicante this month which I am incredibly excited for!  I didn't bring my swimsuit for nothing.  I need to catch the sun on the beach before it gets cold here in Madrid.  I am also planning a trip to Italy during a week we have off at the end of October.  I want to visit Venice, Florence, and of course, Rome.

Today me and my friend Sendy got gelato and it was muy delicioso.  Afterwards we headed to a tapas bar to meet up with a few other friends, dessert before dinner!  I also payed a visit to El Prado again, it is free from 6 to 8pm so I am goin to do my visits in I can save money.  In my photography class we are visiting three museums, and in my literature class we are going to see a play which I am also incredibly excited for!
It's a good thing I finished my homework because it is getting late and a girl needs her sleep.
Hasta luego y besos para todos!
(See you later/until next time and kisses for everyone)

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