Sunday, September 11, 2011

Like the Deserts Miss the Rain

The reason this entry is titled what it is is because I have that song stuck in my head.  Plus I have found myself missing more things about home today as I walked around El Rastro and Plaza Mayor.  I miss people allowing you use their bathrooms in the middle of the night and without having to be a customer.  I miss knowing where I live like the back of my hand (but that will come eventually).  I miss cooking!  Being able to make whatever I'm craving at that moment in time.  I miss being lazy and watching tv surrounded by friends and family.  I miss a certain amount of freedom that I don't get in a homestay, like inviting friends over!  It's hard going from living in a 4 bedroom house with your best friends and then into a homestay...I'm adjusting though. I think.
I think I just need to get into a routine here, then I'll be set.  I do wish that I had a host brother/sister or two.  I don't like being an only child here.

This weekend was a lot of fun though, I am completely exhausted and pretty sure I'm getting sick, but a good weekend nonetheless.  I was lucky to be invited by my friend Chris to his intercambio's house in Guadalajara (i think that's what her town was called) for an afternoon of eating and lounging around by the pool.  It was nice to get in the water.  I really like Olga (his intercambio) she was a great hostess!  Hope to be seeing more of her around.  I plan on making dinner for her (with the help of my friends Chris and Miguel of course).  I have stayed out until at least 6am the past three nights, it's been awesome.  Actually one of the nights we all passed out at our friens Ian's apartment, Olivia made eggs, it was my idea, I didn't get any because I fell asleep instantly. 

Thursday night we went to El Kapital for the first time.  We got in for free after running around looking for flyers,the guys had to pay 18 off.  Olivia and I spent WAY too much money there, but lesson learned.  Danced for about 6 hours straight, time flew by.  Got churros con chocolate afterwards across the street, but Miguel and I tried another place right next door last night that was way better. 

Today I went to El Rastro, as tired as I was, and met up with a good amount of people.  I didn't buy anything though, I plan on going every Sunday if possible.  I am set on finding a really good restaurant that has really good paella.  I also need to try the three Thai restaurants I've found.  I've been trying to read this book I was assigned in Spanish, using the dictionary constantly.  I need to just go to a park and read a bunch.  Carmen made me this dish for dinner tonight that consisted of rice and a type of seafood that was covered in black sauce...looked suspicious but I loved it.  I didn't realize how much I had been missing rice either.  It's almost midnight, I need to take some more medicine and then catch up on sleep. 

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  1. Oh man, sounds like you are having crazy adventures!!! I liked the part about the eggs being your idea, but not getting any because you fell asleep. Classic Becca!

    I have seen Delaney like 4 times since you left, although I guess that makes sense because I work at the Bookstore...

    I miss having you around at work. and just in life in general... Now I just have Chonchito and Ranger Shane to hang out with at work... yeah...

    Anyway, live the dream!
    <3 Seth