Saturday, September 3, 2011

El Tercero Dia en Madrid

I just spent about half an our trying to figure out why my blog wouldn't let me sign in, and then it switched to Spanish, adding to the complications.  But I figured it out I think.  It is now my third day in Madrid, Spain but it feels like it has been longer-I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  I feel like I have done so much these past days maybe that is why.  Today I discovered the bull fighting arena on a scavenger hunt that our program set us on.  I plan to attend one this September before it closes for the season.  We also found El Palacio, which is a museum now and I must visit!  So many things to do, I have to pace myself and remind myself that I am here para cuatro meses.  Museos, paises, eventos, etc. I want to see and do as much as possible.  But first I should figure out my neighborhood.

The streets of Madrid are goreous as well as the architecture.  I have been trying to take photographs but my camera is so heavy and I find myself walking for longer than I expected.  I am going to El Prado soon, which is free after 6pm I've been told.  There is a card designed specifically for art students that gives you discounts on mueums and such, I need to get one pronto.

Carmen (my host mom) is lovely.  It is just me and her in a considerably big Madrid aparment, I have my own bathroom.  We have spoken lots of Spanish (seeing as that she knows little to no English) and share meals and stories together.  Athough, most of the time it is me eating and her watching me since she has very small dinners for herself, while feeding me more than I can handle.  I still have to give her the present I got for her, a coffee mug with the CAL bear on it.  She has had many USAC students before, so it has been a smooth transition so far. 

Although this is still what they call the "honeymoon" part of my experience, so I am just waiting for the homesickness to kick in.  It is still quit strange falling asleep and waking up and realizing "oh yea, I'm in Spain".  It's a thrill. 

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